Blewett, Lori


Social Science and Culture Studies, University of Sussex, UK (1984-1985); B.A., Speech Communication with English Literature, University of Illinois, 1986; M.A., Speech Communication (Organizational Communication, Gender and Conflict), University of Illinois, 1989; Ph.D., Speech Communication (Inter-cultural Communication, Racial Identity and Social Change Movements), University of Illinois, 2000.

Expertise: communication, social studies

Interests: inter-cultural communication, gender and society, anti-racism, social movements, conflict studies, qualitative research methods, community development (local to global issues), public speaking and persuasion, speech communication, social studies

Contact Information

Sem II B-2123
(360) 867-6590

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Writing and Speaking for Change: Advocacy in Times of Economic Inequality
2013-14 Conflict Management
2013-14 Health Inequity: Telling the Story and Changing It
2013-14 Public Speaking
2013-14 Radio Practice and Politics
2013-14 What we talk about when we talk about food
2012-13 Conflict Negotiations
2012-13 Power in American Society
2012-13 Public Speaking Intensive
2012-13 Radio Practice and Politics
2011-12 Communication and Power in Education
2011-12 Communication and Social Change in American History
2011-12 Public Speaking Intensive