Gomez, Jose


B.A., Spanish, Journalism, Education, University of Wyoming, 1965; Fulbright Scholar, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua, 1967; J.D., Harvard Law School, 1981.

Expertise: constitutional law

Interests: law and politics, civil rights and liberties, constitutional law, First Amendment law (freedom of expression, association, religion and academic freedom), Spanish language, Latin American and Spanish literature, non-profit management, public policy, social sciences

Contact Information

Sem II E-4104
(360) 867-6872

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Democracy and Free Speech
2014-15 Religion and the Constitution
2013-14 Activism, Advocacy and Citizenship
2013-14 Crime & Punishment (online)
2012-13 American Indian Sovereignty: Competing Contexts
2012-13 Equality and the Constitution
2012-13 Political Problems and Controversies (online)
2011-12 Crime & Punishment (Online)
2011-12 Democracy and Free Speech
2011-12 Zinn and the Art of Protest