Gould, Amy


B.A., Public Policy and Management, University of Oregon, 1997; M.S., Public Affairs, University of Oregon, 2000; Ph.D., Political Science, Northern Arizona University, 2005.

Expertise: political science, public policy

Interests: public and non-profit administration, management, public policy, organizational theory and behavior, social science research methods, political science, social science, women's studies, queer studies

Contact Information

Sem II D-2106
(360) 867-6135

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2013-14 The Context of Public Administration
2013-14 Doing Democratic Public Administration
2013-14 Foundations of Public Policy
2013-14 Managing Organizations
2013-14 Policy, Finance & Budgeting for Public Administration
2013-14 Project Management
2012-13 Context of Public Administration
2012-13 Diversity & Nondiscrimination Policy
2012-13 Doing Democratic Public Administration
2012-13 Managing Organizations
2012-13 Policy, Finance and Budgeting for Public Administration
2012-13 Project Management
2011-12 Politics and The Nature of Leadership
2011-12 Politics, Leadership, and the Policies they Create