Harrison, Lucia


B.A., Arts Administration, Antioch College, 1972; M.P.A., Public Policy, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1976; Ph.D., Educational Administration, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1979.

Expertise: public administration, visual arts

Interests: 2-D visual arts (drawing and painting), management, public policy, public administration, educational administration, community service, organizational theory and behavior, organizational leadership, cross-cultural communication

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Lab I 2026
(360) 867-6486

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Visualizing Permaculture
2013-14 River Reciprocity
2012-13 Drawing from the Sea
2012-13 Mount Rainier: The Place and its People
2011-12 Drawing on Earth: Explorations in the Aesthetics and Dynamics of the Earth
2011-12 River Reciprocity