Imamura, Ryo


B.A., Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, 1967; M.S., Counseling, San Francisco State University, 1981; Ed.D., Counseling/Educational Psychology, University of San Francisco, 1986.

Expertise: counseling, psychology, Buddhist studies

Interests: child development, communication, cultural studies (Asian American, Japanese), ethics, family studies, gerontology, health and healing, human development, Japanese studies, mediation and conflict resolution, psychology, educational psychology, East-West psychology, race/class/gender studies, religion, social service, counseling

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Lab I 2024
(360) 867-6482

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2013-14 Individual Study: East-West Psychology
2013-14 Turning Eastward: Explorations in East-West Psychology
2012-13 Buddhist Psychotherapy
2012-13 Individual Study: East-West Psychology
2012-13 Turning Eastward: Explorations in East-West Psychology
2011-12 Buddhist Psychotherapy
2011-12 Turning Eastward: Explorations in East/West Psychology