Lyttle, Lee


B.F.A., Architecture, University of New Mexico, 1974; M., Urban Planning, University of Washington, 1985; M., Public Administration, University of Washington, 1985; M.L.S., Library Sciences, University of Hawaii, 1991.

Expertise: public administration, urban planning, librarianship

Interests: architecture, arts policy/administration, international development

Contact Information

Sem II A-2106
(360) 867-6678

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2013-14 Business and Management Strategies for the Private and Public Sectors
2012-13 Context of Public Administration
2012-13 Doing Democratic Public Administration
2012-13 Policy, Finance and Budgeting for Public Administration
2011-12 Context of Public Administration
2011-12 Doing Democratic Public Administration
2011-12 Policy, Finance, and Budgeting for Public Administration