Meeker, Laurie


B.A., Film Production/Still Photography, Southern Illinois University, 1980; M.F.A., Film Production, University of British Columbia, 1985.

Expertise: film and video production, media theory

Interests: Experimental and documentary film, film history and theory, film and video production, film and video studies, media studies, media history, photography, art and media theory, feminist theory and studies, women's studies, gender studies, gay and lesbian studies, cultural studies

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Com 305
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Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Diversity and Dissent in Education and the Media
2013-14 Media Artists Studio
2013-14 Media Internships
2013-14 Women, Cinema, and Gender
2012-13 Nonfiction Media: Sustainability and Justice
2011-12 Media Artists Studio