Shaw, David


B.A., International Relations, Pomona College, 1981; M.S., Food Science, University of California, Davis, 1987; M. International Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management, 1990; Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, Purdue University, 1996.

Expertise: international business, economics

Interests: entrepreneurship, strategic management, marketing, international business, business economics, operations management, sustainability, winemaking, brewing and sensory evaluation

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Sem II D-2102
(360) 867-6579

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Business: Innovation, Stewardship and Change
2014-15 Entrepreneurial Ventures: Logistics, Macroeconomics, Marketing and Strategy
2013-14 China: A Success Story?
2013-14 China: Business, Economy, Society, Sustainability
2012-13 Boom or Bust: Social Struggles of the 1930s
2012-13 Boom or Bust: The U.S. Economy, 2013 and Beyond
2012-13 Games Marketers Play: Services Marketing
2012-13 Tech Dreams: Entrepreneurial Lessons from Silicon Valley
2011-12 Business, Finance and Statistics, Oh My!
2011-12 Global Business Tools for Sustainable Ventures