Simons, Suzanne


B.A.s, Journalism and Sociology, Indiana University, 1982; M.A., West European Studies, Indiana University, 1983; Secondary Education Teaching Certificate, St. Martin's College, 1993.

Expertise: writing, journalism, sociology

Interests: consciousness studies, poetry, religion, Middle East studies

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Sem II B-3117
(360) 867-6710

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Poetry for the People: Landscapes of Community
2013-14 Activism, Advocacy and Citizenship
2013-14 Poetry of Place
2013-14 Sacred Intersections: The Arts of Medieval Christianity and Middle Islam
2012-13 Making Public Health Matter: Reimagining Health-Based Journalism
2012-13 Power Play(ers): Actions and Their Consequences
2012-13 Religion, Society and Change
2011-12 In the Presence of Beauty
2011-12 Telling Our Stories: What Makes Communities Work?