Suzanne Simons


B.A.s, Journalism and Sociology, Indiana University, 1981; M.A., West European Studies, Indiana University, 1983; K-12 Education Certificate, St. Martin's College, 1992; M.F.A., Creative Writing/Poetry, Sierra Nevada College, 2016.

Expertise: poetry and literary arts, community studies/Middle East studies, journalism

Interests: Page (literary) and stage (spoken word) poetry as agents of social change locally, regionally, nationally and globally; flexibility of poetry and spoken word to illuminate lives and spark change in various contexts - environmental stewardship, collaborative peace-building across communities and cultures, empowering marginalized communities; mindfulness and movement, beauty and rhythm as tools to strengthen us and broaden community involvement in social change.

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Sem II B-3117
(360) 867-6710

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2017-18 Meter
2017-18 The Prison-Industrial Complex: Explorations in Social Psychology and Writing
Winter and Spring
2016-17 Cornerstone: Foundations for Success
2016-17 Filling the Silence: News, Numbers and Poetry
Fall and Winter
2016-17 Natural History and Storytelling: Observations and Representations
2015-16 Change Agents: Creating Pathways in Uncertain Times
Fall, Winter and Spring
2015-16 Dances with Stars: A Fusion of Poetry and Science
2015-16 The Social Psychology of the Prison-Industrial Complex
Fall and Winter
2014-15 Poetry for the People: Landscapes of Community
2014-15 The Power in Our Hands: Pathways to Social Change
Fall, Winter and Spring
2014-15 Science Journalism: Foundation for democracy?