Swetkis, Doreen


B.L.S., Business and Law, Bowling Green State University, 1991; M.Ed., Adult Learning and Development, Cleveland State University, 1998; Ph.D., Urban Studies and Public Affairs, Cleveland State University, 2009.

Expertise: public and nonprofit administration, public policy, urban studies

Interests: nonprofit and public sector relations, housing policy, citizen participation in government, trust, social equity, program and policy evaluation.

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Contact Information

Lab I 1015
(360) 867-5320

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2013-14 The Business of Art: Earning a Living as an Artist
2013-14 Student-Originated Studies: Nonprofit Internships
2012-13 Advocacy, Social Change and the Nonprofit Sector
2012-13 Analytical Techniques for Public Service I
2012-13 Analytical Techniques for Public Service II
2012-13 Capstone
2012-13 Ethics and Leadership
2012-13 NonProfit Theory and Practice: An Introduction
2012-13 Statistics for Public Administration
2011-12 Capstone
2011-12 Context of Public Administration
2011-12 Doing Democratic Public Administration
2011-12 Emerging Issues in the Nonprofit Sector
2011-12 Nonprofit Success
2011-12 Policy, Finance, and Budgeting for Public Administration
2011-12 Statistics for Public Administration