Tremblay, Gail


B.A., Drama, University of New Hampshire, 1967; M.F.A., English (Poetry), University of Oregon, 1969.

Expertise: visual arts, creative writing, poetry

Interests: English, English composition, expository writing, technical writing, creative writing, weaving, art, art history, Native American studies, contemporary Native American literature, poetry, literature, multicultural literature

Contact Information

Lab II 3250
(360) 867-6334

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Art for Use in Therapeutic Settings
2014-15 The Art of Writing Poetry
2013-14 Art and Narrative in Response to Place
2013-14 Art for Art Therapists
2013-14 Creativity and Diversity in American Culture: Art and Narrative in Response to Place
2012-13 Art for Art Therapists
2012-13 Fiber Arts
2012-13 Individual Study: Fiber Arts, Installation Art, Native American Studies, Creative Writing, Poetry, and Multicultural American Literature
2012-13 Native Americans Defining Their Own Reality in Art and Literature
2011-12 Art for Art Therapists
2011-12 The Art of Writing Poetry
2011-12 Individual Study: Fiber Arts, Non-Western Art History, Native American Art, Creative Writing