Tsultrim, Jamyang


Expertise: Indo-Tibetan Buddist studies/practices (philosophy, psychology, epistemology, logic and ethics), integrated East-West psychology (mindfulness, and insightful compassion), philosophy of mind/consciousness

Interests: Philosophy of mind, consciousness studies, East-West psychology, Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist psychology, contemplative clinical science (mindfulness and compassion), and contemplative neuroscience studies.

Contact Information

Sem 4122
(360) 867-6758

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Psychology and Mindfulness
2014-15 Psychology and Mindfulness (4 credit component of 16 credit program)
2013-14 East-West Psychology: Destructive Thought/Emotion
2013-14 East-West Psychology: Insightful Thought/Emotion
2013-14 Mindfulness Psychology: Contemplative Clinical Science
2013-14 Understanding Mind/Emotion in Eastern Psychology
2012-13 East-West Psychology: Constructive Mind/Emotion
2012-13 East-West Psychology: Destructive Mind/Emotion
2012-13 Integrated East-West Psychology
2012-13 Mindfulness as a Way of Knowing/Living
2011-12 Brain and Mind: East-West Insights
2011-12 East-West Psychology: Destructive/Afflictive Cognition/Emotion
2011-12 Integrated East-West Psychology
2011-12 Mindfulness Psychology: Contemplative Clinical Science