Sponsored Research and Grants for Faculty 2012-13

Sponsored Research

Seven Evergreen faculty members received college Sponsored Research awards to support their scholarly and creative work:

  • Jennifer Gerend and Ralph Murphy — for a study of municipal planning policies in the state of Washington
  • James Neitzel — for the project, "Measure of Oxidative Damage to Essential Fatty Acids"
  • Michael Vavrus — for the project, "Origins of How We Debate Diversity: The Impact on Education and the Future of Our Children"
  • Sarah Williams— for the project, "When Beads Speak: Turkana Women's Ornament and Ethnographic Reason"
  • Anthony Zaragoza — for a study on the economic impacts of automation and robotics on the Italian auto industry
  • Julia Zay —for components of the project, "'Buildings to be held in your hand': Small Architecture of the Pacific NW Alternative Photographic Processes & Large Format Photography"

Grants for Faculty

Thirteen faculty members received a Faculty Foundation Grant, supported by The Evergreen Annual Fund:

  • Abir Biswas — for the project, “Mercury Assessment in Pacific Northwest (Evergreen) Forest, Stream, and Intertidal Ecosystems”
  • Jennifer Calkins — for the project, “Phylogenomic Analysis of Odontophoridae”
  • Erin Ellis — for the project, “Assessing the age of plant-derived carbon exported by the Queets River: A glimpse into the carbon cycling dynamics of temperate rainforests”
  • Miranda Mellis — for the project, “Encyclopedia Vol. 3, L-P: Editorial Work and Research”
  • Greg Mullins — for the project, “The Banality of Good: Rights, Moralism, and the Growth of Amnesty International USA”
  • James Neitzel — for the project, “A Method to Evaluate the Ability of Antioxidants to Prevent Oxidative Damage to Essential Fatty Acids”
  • Shaw Osha — for the project, “The Insistence of Painting”
  • Benjamin Simon— for the project, “Yersinia ruckeri as a Vaccine Delivery Vehicle to Immunize Rainbow Trout”
  • Richard Weiss and Arun Chandra — for the project, “Integrating Music, Robotics and Cybernetics”
  • Elizabeth Williamson — for the project, “Shakespeare's Political Martyrs”
  • Julia Zay — for components of the project, “‘Buildings to be held in your hand’: Small Architecture of the Pacific Northwest Alternative Photographic Processes and Large Format Photography”