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Evergreen’s faculty members are distinguished both in scholarship and by their dedication to teaching.

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Name Phone Email Location

Janelle Campoverde


Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6605 keanej@evergreen.edu

John Caraher

Expertise: physics

Related Subjects:


Alexis Cariello


Related Subjects:

(360) 867-5926 cariella@evergreen.edu Lib 2113

Tamara Caulkins

Expertise: history of science

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Performing Arts, Literature, Language, and Communication

(360) 867-6102 caulkint@evergreen.edu

Don Chalmers


Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6588 chalmerd@evergreen.edu Sem II B-2124

Rebecca Chamberlain

Expertise: literature, writing, storytelling

Related Subjects: Community Field-Based Studies, Literature, Language, and Communication, Consciousness Studies

(360) 867-5845 chambreb@evergreen.edu Sem II B-2116

Arun Chandra

Expertise: music composition, performance

Related Subjects: Performing Arts

(360) 867-6077 arunc@evergreen.edu Com 308A

Tara Chestnut


Related Subjects:

Gerardo Chin-Leo

Gerardo Chin-Leo

Expertise: oceanography, marine biology

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences

(360) 867-6514 chinleog@evergreen.edu Lab II 2274
Krishna Chowdary

Krishna Chowdary

Expertise: physics

Related Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science

(360) 867-6156 chowdark@evergreen.edu Lab II 3255
Savvina Chowdhury

Savvina Chowdhury

Expertise: feminist economics

Related Subjects: Business and Economics

(360) 867-6594 chowdhus@evergreen.edu Sem II E-2106

Laura Citrin

Expertise: social psychology, gender and women's studies

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Social Sciences

(360) 867-6601 citrinl@evergreen.edu Sem II C-2102

Rob Cole

Expertise: physics

Related Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science


Scott Coleman

Expertise: instructional systems technology, education, psychology

Related Subjects: Social Sciences

(360) 867-6130 colemans@evergreen.edu Lib 2017

Jamie Colley


Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6605 colleyj@evergreen.edu

Amy Cook

Expertise: ecology, vertebrate biology

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences, Environmental Studies/Agriculture

(360) 867-6027 cooka@evergreen.edu Lab I 3065A

Stephanie Coontz

Expertise: history, women's studies, family studies

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Literature, Language, and Communication, History

(360) 867-6703 coontzs@evergreen.edu
Photo of Lin Crowley

Lin Crowley

Expertise: media and Chinese studies

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies

(360) 867-6239 crowleyl@evergreen.edu Lib 2512

Susan Cummings

Expertise: psychology

Related Subjects: Social Sciences

(360) 867-6588 cummings@evergreen.edu Sem II B-2124

Geoffrey Cunningham

Expertise: United States history

Related Subjects: History, Politics and Government, Literature, Language, and Communication

(360) 867-5759 cunningg@evergreen.edu Sem II D-2108

Devon Damonte

Expertise: experimental animation, media studies, visual arts

Related Subjects: Media Arts, Visual Arts, Media and Film

(360) 867-6588 damonted@evergreen.edu

Amanda Davidson

Expertise: creative writing

Related Subjects:

davidsoa@evergreen.edu Com 304A

Jon Davies

Expertise: education

Related Subjects: Social Sciences

(360) 867-6619 daviesj@evergreen.edu Sem II A-3110

Stacey Davis

Expertise: European history

Related Subjects: History

(360) 867-6761 davisst@evergreen.edu Sem II C-3104

Steve Davis

Expertise: photography

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

(360) 867-6263 daviss@evergreen.edu Lib 1401