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Evergreen’s faculty members are distinguished both in scholarship and by their dedication to teaching.

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Name Phone Email Location

Steven (Steven G.) Herman

Expertise: ornithology, wildlife biology, animal ecology and behavior

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6600 Lab I 1020

Erica Hernandez-Scott

Expertise: teacher education, urban education, elementary education

Related Subjects: Community Field-Based Studies, Social Sciences, Ethnic Studies

(360) 867-6672 Sem II A-3104

Heather Heying

Expertise: evolution, biology, anthropology

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences, Environmental Studies/Agriculture

(360) 867-5535 Lab I 3049

Katherine Himes

Expertise: science policy

Related Subjects: Lab I 3024

Justin Hocking

Expertise: creative nonfiction, literature, publishing

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Sustainability Studies, Literature, Language, and Communication

(360) 867-6047 Sem II E-3104

Marianne Hoepli

Expertise: German language

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6741 Sem II B-3125

Karen Hogan

Expertise: ecology, plant biology

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-5078 Sem II B-3110

Paul Horton


Related Subjects: Lab I 3024

Grace Huerta

Expertise: educational policy studies, qualitative research methods

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-5209 Sem II A-2112

Sara Huntington

Expertise: writing, research, and information systems

Related Subjects: Literature, Language, and Communication

(360) 867-6643 Lib 3407

Mark Hurst

Expertise: psychology

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6624 Sem II B-2119

Peter Impara

Expertise: landscape ecology, physical geography (climate, landforms, biogeography), spatial analysis/GIS

Related Subjects: Environmental Studies/Agriculture, Sustainability Studies

(360) 867-6543 Sem II D-4110

William Indick

Expertise: developmental psychology, media psychology, psychology and film

Related Subjects: Consciousness Studies, Media and Film, Literature, Language, and Communication

(360) 867-6579 Sem II D-4102

Rose Jang

Expertise: China studies, theater

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Performing Arts, Literature, Language, and Communication

(360) 867-6705 Com 357

Alvin Josephy

Expertise: statistics

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6588 Sem II B-3119

Heesoon Jun

Expertise: development/learning, abnormal psychology, multicultural psychology

Related Subjects: Community Field-Based Studies, Social Sciences, Ethnic Studies, Cultural Studies, Consciousness Studies

(360) 867-6855 Lab II 2267

Ben Kamen

Expertise: music technology and theory

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6876 Sem II B-2117

Kathy Kelly

Expertise: systems theory (variety of disciplines)

Related Subjects: Business and Economics, Sustainability Studies

(360) 867-6816 Sem II B-2116

Cynthia Kennedy

Expertise: leadership

Related Subjects: Consciousness Studies, Sustainability Studies, Performing Arts

(360) 867-5009 Com 361

Aaron Kent


Related Subjects:

Dariush Khaleghi

Expertise: organizational psychology, leadership coaching and development, management, HR management

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6661 Sem II B-3121

Mukti Khanna

Expertise: psychology

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Social Sciences

(360) 867-6752 Lab I 1015

Adam King

Expertise: computer science

Related Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science

(360) 867-6503 Lab II 3273

Cheryl Simrell King

Expertise: public administration

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-5541 Lab I 1002

John Kirkpatrick

Expertise: chemical oceanography

Related Subjects: Environmental Studies/Agriculture

(360) 867-6588 Sem II B-2124