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Evergreen’s faculty members are distinguished both in scholarship and by their dedication to teaching.

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Name Phone Email Location

Adam King

Expertise: computer science

Related Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science

(360) 867-6503 kinga@evergreen.edu Lab II 3273

Cheryl Simrell King

Expertise: public administration

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-5541 kingcs@evergreen.edu Lab I 1002
Photo of John Kirkpatrick

John Kirkpatrick

Expertise: chemical oceanography

Related Subjects: Environmental Studies/Agriculture

(360) 867-6588 kirkpatj@evergreen.edu Sem II B-2124

Nancy Koppelman

Expertise: American studies

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, History

(360) 867-6383 koppelmn@evergreen.edu Lab II 2255

Stephanie Kozick

Expertise: human development, family studies, education

Related Subjects: Community Field-Based Studies, Social Sciences, Cultural Studies

(360) 867-6439 kozicks@evergreen.edu

Patricia Krafcik

Expertise: Russian language and literature

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Literature, Language, and Communication, History

(360) 867-6491 krafcikp@evergreen.edu Sem II A-2110

Ulrike Krotscheck

Expertise: classics, archaeology

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Social Sciences, History

(360) 867-6017 ulrikek@evergreen.edu Sem II C-4102

Barbara Krulich


Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6805 krulichb@evergreen.edu Sem 2126

Lester Krupp

Expertise: education, writing

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-5498 kruppl@evergreen.edu Sem II B-2129

Tina Kuckkahn

Expertise: fund development, arts administration, Indigenous arts and cultures

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-5344 kuckkaht@evergreen.edu Longhouse 1104

Amanda Kugel


Related Subjects: Biological Sciences

() - kugela@evergreen.edu

Glenn Landram

Expertise: management science, statistics

Related Subjects: Business and Economics

(360) 867-5434 landramg@evergreen.edu Sem II D-2110

Barbara Laners

Expertise: law, political science

Related Subjects:

(253) 680-3037 lanersb@evergreen.edu Tacoma 137

Amada Lang

Expertise: education

Related Subjects: Social Sciences


Emily Lardner

Expertise: composition, education, literature

Related Subjects: Literature, Language, and Communication, Sustainability Studies

(360) 867-6637 lardnere@evergreen.edu Sem II E-3119

Margaret (Maggie) Leland

Expertise: public health

Related Subjects:

lelandm@evergreen.edu Lab I 3024

Amy Leneker


Related Subjects:

lenekera@evergreen.edu Lab I 3024

Hugh Lentz

Expertise: photography

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

(360) 867-6313 lentzh@evergreen.edu Lib 1312

Carri LeRoy

Expertise: freshwater ecology, quantitative biology, environmental education

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences, Environmental Studies/Agriculture

(360) 867-5483 leroyc@evergreen.edu Lab II 3261

Robert Leverich

Expertise: visual arts, architecture

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

(360) 867-6760 leverich@evergreen.edu Lab II 3253

Mingxia Li

Expertise: biology, Chinese cultural studies, molecular pharmacology

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences, Literature, Language, and Communication, Cultural Studies

(253) 680-3025 zhanger@evergreen.edu Tacoma 131

Christophor Looney


Related Subjects:

Naima Lowe

Expertise: media arts, media and film, experimental media

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Media and Film, Media Arts

(360) 867-6755 lowen@evergreen.edu Sem II A-2108

Rafael Lozano


Related Subjects:


Cheri Lucas-Jennings

Expertise: law and public policy, environmental law

Related Subjects: