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Evergreen’s faculty members are distinguished both in scholarship and by their dedication to teaching.

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Name Phone Email Location

Sylvie McGee


Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6600 mcgees@evergreen.edu

Anne (Annie) McGlynn-Wright

Expertise: sociology

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6245 mcglynna@evergreen.edu Sem II C-2110

Lydia McKinstry

Expertise: organic chemistry

Related Subjects: Chemistry

(360) 867-5262 mckinstl@evergreen.edu Lab I 2008

Paul McMillin

Expertise: historical sociology, information studies

Related Subjects: Politics and Government, Social Sciences

(360) 867-6167 mcmillip@evergreen.edu Lib 3413

John McNamara


Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6550 mcnamajo@evergreen.edu

Laurie Meeker

Expertise: film and video production, media theory

Related Subjects: Media Arts, Media and Film

(360) 867-6613 meekerl@evergreen.edu Com 305

Angela Mele

Expertise: scientific illustration, exhibit design, art history

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences, Visual Arts, Environmental Studies/Agriculture

(360) 867-6600 melea@evergreen.edu

Miranda Mellis

Expertise: fiction, nonfiction, and contemporary literature

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Visual Arts, Literature, Language, and Communication

(360) 867-6716 mellism@evergreen.edu Sem II D-4112

Helena Meyer-Knapp

Expertise: politics and government

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-5606 meyerknh@evergreen.edu

Donald Middendorf

Expertise: physics, plant physiology

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science, Consciousness Studies

(360) 867-6618 middendd@evergreen.edu Lab I  2002 

Kabby Mitchell

Expertise: dance, African American studies, theater

Related Subjects: Performing Arts

(360) 867-6336 mitchelk@evergreen.edu Com 363

Anthony (Tony) Molinero

Expertise: organic chemistry, natural products chemistry

Related Subjects: Chemistry


Bill Moore

Expertise: educational policy, curriculum and instruction, assessment of student learning

Related Subjects: Literature, Language, and Communication, Social Sciences

Scott Morgan

Expertise: sustainability, organizational systems

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6913 morgans@evergreen.edu Sem II E-2135

Donald Morisato

Expertise: genetics, molecular biology

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences

(360) 867-6026 donaldm@evergreen.edu Lab I 3009

Lawrence (Larry) Mosqueda

Expertise: political economy, political science

Related Subjects: History, Politics and Government

(360) 867-6550 mosqueda@evergreen.edu

David Muehleisen

Expertise: sustainable agriculture, entomology

Related Subjects: Environmental Studies/Agriculture

(360) 867-6654 muehleid@evergreen.edu Lab I 2003

Greg Mullins

Expertise: literature, queer studies

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Literature, Language, and Communication

(360) 867-6243 mullinsg@evergreen.edu Lib 3509

Janys Murphy

Expertise: counseling, psychology, consciousness studies

Related Subjects: Community Field-Based Studies, Social Sciences, Consciousness Studies

(360) 867-5553 murphyj@evergreen.edu

Ralph Murphy

Expertise: political science and economics

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-6430 murphyr@evergreen.edu Lab I 3014

Nancy Murray

Expertise: neurobiology

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences

(360) 867-5497 murrayn@evergreen.edu Lab II 2247

James Nagle


Related Subjects:

(360) 867-5553 naglej@evergreen.edu

Alan Nasser

Expertise: political economy, foreign policy, philosophy

Related Subjects:

(360) 867-5553 nassera@evergreen.edu

Patrick Naughton

Expertise: teacher and mathematics education, leadership

Related Subjects: Business and Economics, Politics and Government, Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science

(360) 867-6909 naughtonp@evergreen.edu Sem II E-3137

James Neitzel

Expertise: biology, biochemistry

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences, Chemistry

(360) 867-6463 neitzelj@evergreen.edu Lab I 1065