Faculty Hiring

Faculty Openings

Regular Faculty Positions for the 2017-18 Academic Year (more info coming in August)

3D Fine Metals, 3D Indigenous Studio Arts, Analytical Chemistry, Developmental Psychology, Faculty Reference Librarian, Latina/o Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Plant Biology, and US History.

Current Visiting/Adjunct Faculty Positions (for 2016-17)

REVISED! Developmental Psychology Review Date May 13, 2016.

NEW! Math/Physics Review Date April 25, 2016.

NEW! Business/Entrepreneurship Review Date April 25, 2016.

Teacher Education - Elementary Education REVISED Review Date April 29, 2016.

Metalworking Review Date March 18, 2016

Adjunct Pool - Various Disciplines No Review Date


Closed Searches:

Library and Information Science


Adjunct Chemistry

Public Administration

Interdisciplinary Mathematics



Food Systems