Faculty Position in Public Health

The Evergreen State College seeks a faculty member broadly trained in public health to teach in interdisciplinary, team-taught programs at all undergraduate levels. The successful candidate will have a doctoral or medical degree and will have both teaching and professional experience in approaching the health sciences and public health through a lens of social justice. The ideal candidate must have substantive knowledge of and experience with teaching two or more sub-areas such as epidemiology, clinical practice, socio-behavioral health, health equity, health policy, social and community factors in health, medical biostatistics, medical ethics, health services or public health administration, toxicology, the social construction of health and illness, or health education and behavior.  The ideal candidate for this position will also have experience working in the field at some scale (from local communities to global health issues), will be able to facilitate practical learning opportunities that include quantitative analysis and partnerships with community organizations, and will be motivated and skillful at both working with traditionally underserved populations. Specific health interests are open, but may include occupational and environmental health, disability, child and maternal health, geriatric health, infectious disease, preventive medicine, or chronic illness.  The candidate must demonstrate experience with connecting public health to social justice issues (e.g., food security, climate change, population growth, access to health care).  Ability to teach in at least one of the following disciplines is highly desirable: human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, toxicology, medical microbiology, epidemiology, or immunology.The successful candidate will have broad knowledge of qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies and/or community-based research and documentation.  We are particularly interested in applicants whose research goals are compatible with helping students to link theory and practice. We seek candidates with a demonstrated passion for interdisciplinary teaching and learning. Evergreen's curricular structure facilitates project-based research as well as internships with public and private organizations, including state agencies and tribes. Candidates who will support and develop these opportunities in collaboration with the Center for Community Based Learning and Action are highly desirable.

Evergreen organizes its curriculum through coordinated interdisciplinary studies, rather than through departments and courses.  Students enroll in team-taught interdisciplinary “programs” full time, often for multiple quarters.  Faculty on teaching teams enjoy a high degree of freedom to determine the subject matter, emphases, pace, classroom strategies and modes of evaluation in these programs. In some years, faculty teach students working close to their own discipline at a variety of experience levels; in other years they join faculty from diverse disciplines to develop a theme-based curriculum, sometimes for first-year students, or for advanced students, or for all levels. In keeping with this teaching and learning model, ideal candidates for this position will demonstrate excellent oral and interpersonal communication skills, enthusiasm for and skill in teaching, and a willingness to collaborate with other faculty across a wide spectrum of disciplines in engaging, interdisciplinary programs that might focus on environmental justice, social justice, community health, health and human development, historical investigations of health and health care, or other themes.

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Doctoral degree;
  • College-level teaching experience;
  • Teaching and professional experience with connecting public health to social justice issues;
  • Substantive knowledge in and experience with teaching two or more sub-areas in public health;
  • Field experience at some scale, from local communities to global health issues;
  • Motivation and ability to work with traditionally underserved populations;
  • Ability to facilitate practical learning opportunities that include quantitative analysis and partnerships with community organizations; and
  • Excellent oral and interpersonal communication skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with interdisciplinary college-level teaching;
  • Ability to teach the science of health;
  • Ability to teach in one of the following disciplines: human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, toxicology, medical microbiology, epidemiology, or immunology;
  • Strong background in quantitative and qualitative research and analysis;
  • Experience working with students in community-based public health work or conducting research with multiple constituencies;
  • Experience working at the intersection of science and policy, education, or community development;
  • International experience or knowledge of global health perspectives; and
  • Experience working with students from underrepresented populations.

To apply, please enter the following information via our online application:

  • Contact Information
  • Work Experience
  • Affirmative Action
Submit the following items as email attachment(s) to: facultyhiring@evergreen.edu
  • Curriculum vitae; 
  • Letter of application that expresses your vision of innovative approaches to teaching in an interdisciplinary, collaborative, and inquiry-based setting;
  • 1-2 page statement of your teaching philosophy and practice. Please focus specifically on your understanding and experience of interdisciplinary study and what you believe should distinguish a liberal arts education today; 
  • 1-2 page statement of your multicultural experience and/or practice
  • Examples of scholarly work (research papers or reviews); 
  • Three current letters of reference from professional colleagues (letters of reference may be submitted via regular mail or email (facultyhiring@evergreen.edu); and
  • Optional: Student evaluations and/or letters of support from current and/or former students.

Review of complete applications begins January 6, 2014. We will continue to accept application materials until finalists are selected.

The College reserves the right to extend searches or not offer positions advertised. As a condition of employment, persons hired must provide proof of identity and employment eligibility within three (3) days of contract start date.  All position offers are contingent on funding. Persons with disabilities can receive accommodations in the hiring process by contacting the Faculty Hiring Coordinator. The Evergreen State College is an equal opportunity employer.

The successful candidate is eligible for continuing appointment based on the guidelines set forth in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Recognizing cultural diversity as a defining characteristic of the 21st century, the college has intensified its efforts to become a multicultural institution.  Substantive experience in working across cultural differences is therefore highly desirable for all positions.  Committed to equal opportunity and affirmative action, Evergreen is working to build a diverse, broadly trained faculty.  We particularly encourage applications from candidates whose race, national origin, sex, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status or physical disability will contribute to our diversity.