Financial AidTitle IV Code: 008155

Short-Term Emergency Loans

Through the Short-Term Loan Program, students may borrow up to $400 cash once per quarter if life circumstances prohibit them from having funds to cover costs associated with attending school. This loan cannot be used for living costs between quarters.

This program will no longer be used to pay tuition. See the new Tuition Deadline Information.

You may apply no later than 2 weeks before the end of the quarter. You will be required to pay a $15.00 Origination Fee and a $2.00 Service Fee for a total of $17.00 when you borrow a Short-Term Loan, and this loan (including the fees) is due 30 days from the date the loan is made or by the end of the quarter for which it is made, whichever date occurs first.

Last Dates to Apply

  • Fall 2012: November 23, 2012
  • Winter 2013: March 1, 2013
  • Spring 2013: May 24, 2013

End of Quarter Dates

  • Fall 2012: December 8, 2012
  • Winter 2013: March 16, 2013
  • Spring 2013: June 8, 2013

 Short Term/Emergency Loan Application (PDF)

Financial Aid forms may be available in a variety of downloadable formats. If you want to view a form as a PDF document and you do not have Acrobat® Reader® installed on your system yet, please download the free version now. If you fill out a form on your computer, please remember to print it and sign it before submitting it by mail or faxing to 360-867-6576.


You must agree to certain conditions in borrowing a Short-Term Loan from The Evergreen State College.

  1. You must agree to pay this loan in full by the due date. See the dates by quarter above.
  2. You must agree to pay all reasonable costs of collection, including collection fees, court fees, interest and attorney's fees if you fail to fulfill the conditions of this loan as stated under the "Repayment" section of the Short-Term Loan Promissory Note.
  3. You must agree that if you withdraw from school your short-term loan will become payable immediately and that any credit balance in your student account will be applied to the unpaid balance of the loan, plus interest and service charges.
  4. You must agree that any financial aid funds received after a short-term loan is approved must be credited against the balance of the loan before you receive any of those funds.
  5. You must agree that if you cite financial aid funds as the source of repayment for a short-term loan and it is determined that you do not have financial aid funds or that you are not eligible to receive financial aid funds, you are responsible for repaying the loan you received with personal resources.
  6. You must agree that Financial Aid for a future quarter cannot be used as a source of repayment.
  7. You must agree that you are responsible for determining whether your request has been approved. You can do this by checking your student account at or by calling the Financial Aid Office: 360-867-6205.

Short-Term Loan General Eligibility Criteria

You must meet all of the criteria for your Short-Term Loan application to be approved. To qualify for a short-term loan,

  • your application/promissory note must be completely and accurately filled out,
  • and, you must either be registered for the quarter in which you are requesting this loan, or understand that this loan will not be processed until you are registered,
  • and, you must not be in default for any of the federal loan and/or grant programs,
  • and, you must not have any unpaid prior quarter charges showing on your student account (if you do have unpaid prior quarter charges, you are not eligible for this loan until those charges are paid in full),
  • and, you must not have a current short-term loan outstanding,
  • and, you must not be requesting this money to pay off charges associated with Evergreen housing, library books, media loan equipment or other past due charges
  • and, you must provide names, addresses and phone numbers for two completely separate references. Your first reference should be a parent or legal guardian (if living). Your second reference should be another relative or friend that does not have a Evergreen address.

You have the opportunity to request "special consideration" in lieu of one or more of the general criteria for Short-Term Loan Eligibility.

You may request special consideration by writing an explanation in the area provided on your application/promissory note. Requesting special consideration does not guarantee approval. Please explain your circumstance as clearly and concisely as possible. A decision regarding the approval/denial of your loan will be made by a financial aid professional. This person might call you to discuss your situation.