Former Partners

Partnership development model

Our aim since the inception of this grant has been to strengthen campus-community partnerships that serve to advance the priorities within the communities we served while deepening the skills, civic knowledge, and values of our students that are so largely overlooked due to district budget shortages, individual time constraints, military mobility, cultural tensions, and poverty. It was our hope from the very beginning that we could derive mutual benefits, extend knowledge and resources, and glean expertise from each other in order to meet the needs of our students set among two school districts, one urban and one rural. We deliberated with regard to these rich complexities on how to strategically align ourselves in a way that would best capture what services the communities were promoting that were aligned to our initiatives for transforming the infrastructure and culture of the schools to a mindset that would model “college ready,” “college worthy” students while preparing them for entering and transitioning into college. We deliberately chose community partners whose mission and vision was aligned to understanding the value of students’ potential and how critical it was for us to harness and mold their way of thinking while it was still open to endless possibilities. Our concept in the beginning was and still is proactive and transformative, which in hindsight has deepened our ways of knowing from which to build and strengthen more collaborative and reciprocal relationships within the community for future sustainability.

What has emerged from these partnerships within the community at large is the knowledge that we must maintain an open line of communication and collaboration from which to nourish and replenish our resources. It is imperative that we continue to encourage the evolution of reciprocity and assessment of that exchange to ensure that we are providing the best practices for our students and that our instructors are receiving the training necessary for delivering those cutting edge academic curriculums, especially surrounding reading, math, and science. It is our hope, that if funded for a new grant, we will be allowed the opportunity to work among the thirty two community organizations we have partnered with to such a degree that we will be among those who will “wrap our arms around the students of Lakewood and Oakville” to where students’ lives will be forever changed in ways that will allow them to soar to new heights.

We want to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude for our original school and community partners who helped The Evergreen State College GEAR UP project forge a pathway into the Lakewood and Oakville communities in order to begin this transformative process of building and strengthening an infrastructure of collaborative and mutual reciprocity. We will be forever grateful.

Clover Park School District
Clover Park High School
Lakes High School
Lockburn Middle School
Woodbrook Middle School
Oakville School District
Oakville Middle/High School
The Evergreen State College
U.S. Army Third Brigade
Communities in Schools of Lakewood, Inc. (CIS)
Pierce College
The Pierce County Careers Consortium
Centralia College Education Talent Search
Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation
Morehead and Associates