GEAR UP Services at Evergreen | The Evergreen State College

GEAR UP Services at Evergreen

  • Help create a college-going culture within the schools
  • Support students' intellectual, social and emotional development
  • Support students' academic achievement and help address the specific needs of diverse student groups
  • Help students make connections between academic work and career preparation
  • Foster and enhance sustainable student-to-student and parent-to-parent support systems
    • Support the IGNITE  peer mentoring program that brings high school students into the middle school and conducts peer to peer middle school to high school transition activities throughout the school year.
    • Peer tutoring programs that bring high school students into the middle school
    • Parent to Parent Resource Groups  foster early college readiness among parents, a college going culture within the schools, a college preparation support system for activities and events, and a voice for parent-community networking.
    • College Student Leaders (Student to Student Leadership Club)  become the college experts among their peers by providing them with college readiness information, (Financial Aid, College Admission Process and Test Requirements) encouraging participation in GEAR UP college readiness related activities, and promoting a college going culture within the school.
  • Provide professional development for teachers that is consistent with district professional development and school improvement plans.
  • Building community partnerships to enhance the joint efforts of GEAR UP and school partner objectives in order to support early college preparation and awareness for helping increase the number of students who enter and succeed in postsecondary education.