Evergreen GEAR UP Staff

  • Ada Daniels, Director
  • Larry Crowley, Educational Specialist
  • Carletta Garraway, Educational Specialist
  • Debra King, Educational Specialist
  • Kamryn Jaroszewski, Program Coordinator

Ada Daniels - Director

  Ms. Daniels can be reached at (360) 867-6187.                       

Larry Crowley - Educational Specialist

Larry Crowley provides direct services to students and parents in his role as Educational Specialist. Larry graduated from Texas Tech University where he majored in sociology. He received his master's degree in education from South Dakota State University in 1981, where he concentrated in counseling. He is a school and nationally certified counselor. Larry brings over 24 years of experience to the GEAR UP team, particularly in the areas of student leadership, empowering and strengthening families, and motivational and coping skills training for teens. Larry lives with his wife and two daughters in Olympia, where he has resided since 1986. In his spare time he enjoys fishing, watching movies,  and playing racquetball. Mr. Crowley can be reached at crowlel@evergreen.edu or (360) 239-7283.

Carletta Garraway - Educational Specialist

Carletta Garraway provides direct services to students and parents in her role as Educational Specialist. She is grew up in a military home and attended Washington State University where she received her Bachelor's in Art in Humanities - Public Relations and a minor in Music- Vocal Performance. She has a strong business and community background and has worked extensively with schools. She has over 25 years of volunteer services, working with students, parents, and the community in Olympia, Washington and British Columbia, Canada. She is the International Director for The Thurston Group of Washington State, a non-profit organization that assists students and parents in college preparation, admissions and scholarship search. She is a proud mother of four children, an international motivational speaker and performer. In her spare time she enjoys singing, journaling, traveling, and spending time with her family. Carletta works primarily at Clover Park High School. Ms. Garraway can be reached at (253) 310-2386.