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Evergreen supports community-based learning, with research and applications focused on issues and problems found within students' communities. This principle, as well as the desire to serve diverse placebound populations, guides Evergreen's community-based programs in Tacoma and on Tribal Reservations.


longhouse cultural center at evergreen

Reservation-Based programs have been offered on seven reservations as well as the Olympia campus. Instructional needs are determined by each community. Freshman and sophomore level classes are offered by Grays Harbor College, designed to transfer directly to Evergreen. All classes lead to the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Gifts to the Reservation-based program support a range of needs, from student scholarships to local instructional costs.

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tacoma campus endebele artworkThe Tacoma program provides upper division day and evening classes designed to meet the needs of a variety of students, including working adults. The program reflects exceptional cultural diversity within the student body and faculty. Its philosophy “Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve” encourages students to not only enrich their own lives through higher education, but to use that learning to benefit others as well.

While Evergreen Tacoma has a modern leased facility, the needs of its 200 students are great. Given the distance from the main campus in Olympia and the financial challenges many students face, Tacoma students have a need for expanded library resources, support for graduate school testing and applications, and other curricular support needs.

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