Shane Whitaker

“They have absolutely altered the course of my life. Their support is not just a few thousand dollars. It is a message to students like me that we are actually worth someone’s investment. And that is worth more than any amount of money.” - Shane Whitaker ’14, recipient of the Jeanne Hahn Scholarship

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1SG Samuel E. Avera ScholarshipDonate
Alumni & Friends ScholarshipDonate
Amando Barzola Hidalgo Memorial ScholarshipDonate
Ann Gavell ScholarshipDonate
Art & Magda Costantino ScholarshipDonate
Barbara McCann Art ScholarshipDonate
BECU Entrepreneurs Annual ScholarshipDonate
Bennett ScholarshipDonate
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ScholarshipDonate
Byron Youtz Memorial ScholarshipDonate
Charles and Barbara McCann ScholarshipDonate
Charles and Miriam Matthews ScholarshipDonate
Chastain/Barnett ScholarshipDonate
Dan & Sheryl Tishman ScholarshipDonate
Dan Evans ScholarshipDonate
Daniel Ira Klein Memorial ScholarshipDonate
David L. Hitchens Scholarship in Honor of Frances Marie RasmussenDonate
David Matthew Jeter Memorial ScholarshipDonate
David Whitener Memorial ScholarshipDonate
Don Finkel Memorial ScholarshipDonate
Eckerman Family Scholarship for Women in Science and TechnologyDonate
Elizabeth C. Moore ScholarshipDonate
Elizabeth Ker Gordon Memorial ScholarshipDonate
Evergreen Faculty Union Solidarity ScholarshipDonate
Evergreen Trustees’ ScholarshipDonate
Fighter for Change ScholarshipDonate
Forest Ecology Scholarship in honor of Mrs. Suzanne Houts StilsonDonate
Francisco Bautista ScholarshipDonate
Fred Goldberg ScholarshipDonate
Gail & Rudy Martin ScholarshipDonate
George Washington Hayduke III Scholarship for Environmental EducationDonate
Girvin Family ScholarshipDonate
Haefeli Family ScholarshipDonate
Heck Family ScholarshipDonate
Jacinta McKoy Community Based Learning and Action ScholarshipDonate
Jackie Robinson Memorial ScholarshipDonate
Jason Andrew Oak Memorial ScholarshipDonate
Jeanne Hahn ScholarshipDonate
Jess and Hanna Spielholz ScholarshipDonate
Jessica Kelso Memorial ScholarshipDonate
John & Andrea Adams ScholarshipDonate
Joseph Albert Dear Memorial ScholarshipDonate
Judy Cushing ScholarshipDonate
JUNO ScholarshipDonate
K2 ScholarshipDonate
Lamb Leg Up II ScholarshipDonate
Lamb Leg Up ScholarshipDonate
Learning Seed Foundation ScholarshipDonate
Lee Hoemann ScholarshipDonate
Les Purce ScholarshipDonate
Life on Earth ScholarshipDonate
Linda Kahan ScholarshipDonate
Litchman Family ScholarshipDonate
Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin Endowed ScholarshipDonate
Margery B. Brown Memorial Media Fund ScholarshipDonate
Mark Stephen Souder Scholarship for Information DisseminationDonate
Mary Ann Steele ScholarshipDonate
Mathew Slobodkin Memorial AwardDonate
Media ScholarshipDonate
Merrill & Rhea Gordon ScholarshipDonate
Merv Cadwallader ScholarshipDonate
Microsoft Alumni ScholarshipDonate
Miriam & Gerald Erlick Memorial ScholarshipDonate
Mueller Family ScholarshipDonate
Niels Skov ScholarshipDonate
Oscar Soule ScholarshipDonate
Persistence ScholarshipDonate
Phoenix Rising ScholarshipDonate
Political Ecology 1971–1972 Program ScholarshipDonate
Rachel Corrie Memorial ScholarshipDonate
Rainwater/Ross Endowment FundDonate
Roberto Clemente Memorial ScholarshipDonate
Skipping Stone Foundation ScholarshipDonate
Soroptimist International of Olympia Endowment ScholarshipDonate
Storytelling ScholarshipDonate
Tom Rainey History and Literature ScholarshipDonate
TQ Berg Family ScholarshipDonate
Tuttle Baldwin ScholarshipDonate
Wayne Garrett Kostin ScholarshipDonate