Instructions for Graduates | The Evergreen State College

Instructions for Graduates

There is no rehearsal for commencement at Evergreen. Review the information on this page to know what you need to do on graduation day.

Check-in Card

You are required to have a check-in card in order to cross the stage to receive your diploma cover. Your name will be preprinted on the card. You will hand the check-in card to a reader who will use the card to announce your name as you cross the stage. If your name is difficult to pronounce, spell your name phonetically to assist the reader. The readers will only read your name, there is no time for extra messages.

Information on where and when you may pick up your check-in cards will be available approximately a month before the ceremony (around mid-May for 2017).


As you process onto Red Square, you will move through a crowd, including faculty members. Please move through the crowd to your seats as quickly as possible. We will have approximately 1,000 graduates who will process and be seated before the ceremony begins.

After the graduation speeches, students will be introduced. Students receiving graduate degrees will be introduced first, followed by Tacoma undergraduates, then Tribal undergraduates followed by the remaining undergraduates.

Each row will be directed to rise and form a line leading to the name readers. Please remain seated until an usher directs you to line up to cross the stage. At the stage entrance, an usher will direct you into one of two lines, one for each name reader. At the top of the ramp, present your card to the name reader. An usher will direct you from the reader to a table where you will receive a diploma cover and have your first photo taken. As you exit the stage, you must stay in order in your line and show the back of your diploma cover to an usher so they can direct you to the correct photographer for your final photo. (The back of the diploma will have different marks so we can match you with the correct photographer for your line.)