Graduation Commencement Ceremony

Announcements, Caps & Gowns and Rings for Evergreen's Graduation Ceremony

About Ordering Invitations, Caps & Gowns, and Rings

The Greener Bookstore is now selling: Graduation caps, gowns, tassels and hoods.
These items are yours to keep (not rentals). 
They are available now (no waiting).
Extra Large sizes (over 200 lbs.) may need to be special ordered soon.
Purchase individually in the store or on our website,
Stop by the store soon or click here to order online.
Forward this link to a parent if they wish to order for you!
Green Gown                                   $17.25
Green Cap                                      $13.25
Green & White Tassel                   $   5.00
Black Gown                                    $17.25
Black Cap                                       $13.25
Tassel for MiT, MES, or MPA        $   5.00
Hood   for MiT, MES, or MPA        $30.00
Personalized announcementsand class rings
must be ordered online, click here
The store stocks a selection of diploma frames which are available now or order online if you have moved away.
If you have questions, call customer service at the Greener Bookstore, 360-867-6212

Our gowns and caps are from Herff Jones and are made with Renew, a Green Keeper alternative made from Repreve® yarn. REPREVE is made from recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles. Repreve is certified by U Trust™ verification Program as being 100% recycled and made from post-consumer waste. Each Herff Jones graduation gown made with REPREVE uses about 29 post-consumer plastic bottles, collectively saving over 7 million post-consumer plastic water bottles this year. Unifi, who makes Repreve, donates a portion of sales to worthy environmental causes. Visit the Repreve website and choose what cause you would like Repreve to donate to.

If you do not wish to keep your gown after the ceremony, you may leave it at the Greener Bookstore to be recycled.