Individual Study

Contract Registration Information

Individual Study Contract Registration

All Individual Learning and Internship Learning Contracts are due (submitted by the student and approved by sponsor and other approvals) to the Academic Deans Office (Undergraduate) or the Graduate Program's Office (Director of MPA or Assistant Director of MES) by 5:00 pm Friday, Week One of the quarter for which you are completing the work of your contract.

Depending on the type of contract (i.e., internship versus individual) and how your sponsor will approve your contract (i.e., online or in-person) will determine how your contract will get to the Academic Deans or Graduate Program's Office. The online contract process will direct you step by step, explaining what steps you need to take to deliver your contract on time.

If your contract is:

  • approved, it will be registered within 2 business days of the final approval. Check your registration after that time to confirm your contract is registered and your tuition has been paid.
  • NOT approved, you and your sponsor will receive an email notice explaining why your contract was not approved, based upon the Deans Review Criteria, and your contract will be unlocked so you can make changes and re-submit it for new approvals, including your sponsor's approval of the revised contract. At this time your contract is not registered.

Temporary Registration

For Juniors and Seniors only: Temporary Individual and Internship Learning Contract registration is available only if you know that you will be registering an individual learning contract or internship and have a need for early registration, or have financial aid and want to ensure that your aid disburses on time. These temporary registration will be dropped at the end of week one of the quarter, the deadline for individual contracts. Contact Registration for more information.

Late Registration

If your completed contract is received by the Academic Deans Office (Undergraduate) or the MPA Director's or MES Assistant Director's Office (Graduate):

  • During Week Two: You will be charged a $50.00 late registration fee.
  • Weeks Three and Four: You will be required to file a late registration petition form (PDF) and you will be charged a $100.00 late registration fee. Completed petitions must be brought to the Academic Deans Office within a week of your contract arriving in the Awaiting Deans Approval status online (or being hand-delivered to the Academic Deans Office) in order for you to meet with a Dean, who will review your contract; otherwise, it will not be approved. The Dean will expect solid justification in order to approve a petition. An approval of your contract by a Dean does not guarantee registration. If a Dean approves your petition and contract, it will be your responsibility to take the signed petition to Registration & Records in order to get it registered.
  • After Week Four: No new contracts will be accepted after Friday of week Four.

Other Registration Policies

Multiple Quarter Study Abroad Contracts: If you are studying abroad for more than one quarter, you will need to complete a contract for each quarter. The second contract should clearly illustrate new learning that will be occurring in the follow-up quarter.

Enrolling for more than 16 credits: To ensure that we appropriately balance faculty workload while allowing students to increase their credit load, no single mode of study will be offered for more than 16 credits in a given quarter. (Modes includes coordinated and group contract programs, courses, internships, and individual learning contracts.) In addition, total registration in contracts plus internships may not equal more than 16 credits per quarter.