Individual Study

Evaluation Guidelines for Field Supervisors

A field supervisor is expected to evaluate the intern's progress regularly and informally throughout the quarter and to report his/her assessment of the intern's progress to the student and his/her sponsor according to the schedule and methods described in the internship learning contract. We strongly recommend that a weekly conference between intern and field supervisor be scheduled to accommodate the need for frequent and focused evaluation.

As a field supervisor, you might find it helpful to consider the following questions as you prepare to write your evaluation of the intern's achievement, and for your end-of-the-quarter evaluation conference with your intern:

Achievement of Learning Objectives

  1. Which of the internship-related learning objectives stated on the internship document has the intern achieved?
  2. If one or more objectives have not been achieved, what progress, if any, has the intern made toward each?
  3. What evidence do you have that can be used to document the intern's progress toward, or achievement of, each objective?
  4. What other skills, abilities, or special knowledge, if any, has the intern developed this quarter?
  5. What have been the intern's outstanding performance strengths?
  6. What attributes of performance still need improvement?
  7. What specific suggestions, if any, would you offer the student for maintaining or improving his/her performance and achievement in the future?

Performance and Contributions as a Member of the Organization

  1. Has the student developed an adequate understanding of the organization's purpose and functions?
  2. How well has the intern succeeded in performing routine tasks associated with his or her position?
  3. In what specific ways, if any, has the intern contributed to the ongoing program of the organization?
  4. Since the beginning of the quarter, has the intern progressed at the expected rate and in anticipated ways in her/his ability to: a.) work effectively with decreasing amounts of direct supervision, b.) accept responsibility for tasks of increasing complexity, difficulty, or scope, and c.) exercise initiative when appropriate (and refrain from exercising initiative when it's not appropriate)?
  5. Has the intern been dependable?

Personal and Professional Development

  1. How well has the intern succeeded in meeting any deadlines associated with his/her work?
  2. Have the intern's general demeanor and attire been appropriate for a person in his/her position? If not, what changes would you suggest?
  3. How well has the intern worked with others?
  4. Based on your observations of the intern's performance to date, how would you describe his/her potential for success in a career in the field in which the internship has been conducted or a related field?

The end of quarter sequence of evaluation conferences and exchanges is as follows:

  • Field supervisor drafts evaluation of student and student drafts self-evaluation.
  • Before the end of the quarter, field supervisor and student hold a final evaluation conference to review and discuss the evaluation drafts.
  • Field supervisor writes a one- to two-page final version of his/her evaluation of the intern, e-mails (or mails) the evaluation to the sponsor and gives a copy to the student.
  • Sponsor writes final evaluation of student, and student writes final self-evaluation.