Individual Study

In-Program Internships

An In-Program Internship Contract is when you are registered for an academic program and working on an internship as a part of the program. Usually, your sponsor is the faculty member teaching the program and the internship is built into the program in order to give the student an opportunity to directly link the learning from the program to actual practice in the community. Review the overview for internships for more information.

Sample: See Internship Sample. In-program contracts look the same except for the Title of the Form (In-Program) and the Approval process.

In-Program Internships must be documented using the online contract process due to :

  • the limit (a total of 48 credits) for the number of non-academic credits you can earn in Internship Learning Contracts (including In-Progran Internships).
  • the College requiring the documented signature of the field supervisor of an organization to confirm reviewing and agreeing to comply with the College's anti-discrimination and workplace safety statutes.

Get Started: Online Contract Process Overview

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