Individual Study

Internship Information for Organizations

Thank you for your willingness to supervise an Evergreen intern. We appreciate your commitment to our students -- you help them bridge the theory they receive in the classroom to applied learning through experiences at your organization. In other words, you help a student's education come to life!

Evergreen's internship program is an academic option for students, primarily juniors, seniors and graduate students to obtain academic credit for a practical, applied learning experience. The award of credit is based on a partnership agreement made between the student, the faculty sponsoring the experience for credit and the field supervisor at the hosting organization and documented in their Internship Learning Contracts.

Students may have an internship requirement or option built into their academic program. Many faculty teaching in programs feel that a combination of classroom experience and practical experience will provide for a well-rounded understanding of a subject or area of study.

Go to the evaluation guidelines to find information about your responsibilities as an organization hosting Evergreen students and about evaluating student interns. Evergreen's Center for Community Based Learning and Action (CCBLA) has created a very useful handout with suggested guidelines for field supervisors of Evergreen Student Interns.

For any other current or future opportunities, please submit internships to our Community Opportunities Database (CODa). Use the guidelines for organizations to enter information about internships, jobs, or volunteer positions you may have available. Evergreen students can search the database using their online account.

If you have any questions about your role as internship field supervisor or if Evergreen may assist you in any way, we welcome your call. Contact Academic Advising at (360) 867-6312.