Institutional Research and Assessment

Academic Statement Assessment

This page includes assessment data related to implementation of the Academic Statement. For general information please visit the Academic Statement home page.

Academic Statement Orientation

Fall Quarter In-Program Academic Statement Work

Academic Mentoring Days

Retention Analyses

Student Feedback

In the Spring 2015 Evergreen Student Experience Survey, students were asked "What kind of resources or supports would help craft your academic statement?" You can view responses from the following student subgroups: You can also view responses from the Spring 2013 Evergreen Student Experience Survey: The Spring 2011 Evergreen Student Experience Survey included the following prompt: "Imagine you had a single faculty advisor over the course of your Evergreen education; what kinds of questions would you ask that person?"

End-of-Program Review (EPR)

In the 2012-13 End-of-Program Review, faculty were asked "Did you use time in your program to support student work on academic statement?" and "How did you help students think about their education overall? You can view their responses below: