Institutional Research and Assessment


The following are reports prepared by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment that pertain to curriculum studies at Evergreen. To view and print reports in PDF format you will need the free Adobe Reader.

Common abbreviations that may be encountered while reviewing curricular trend data include:
  • AL
    All-level programs for freshmen through seniors
  • CORE
    Programs for first-year students
  • CTL
    Culture, Text, and Language planning unit
  • EA
    Expressive Arts planning unit
  • ES
    Environmental Studies planning unit
  • EWS
    Evening and Weekend Studies planning unit
  • FT Program
    Undergraduate full-time programs offered in the daytime curriculum
  • FTE
    Full-time equivalency (15 credits=1 undergraduate FTE, 10 credits=1 graduate FTE)
  • HC
    Student headcount
  • ILC
    Individual Learning Contract
  • INT
  • LD
    Lower-division programs for freshmen and sophomores
    Native American and World Indigenous Peoples planning unit
  • PT Program
    Undergraduate part-time programs usually offered through Evening Weekend Studies courses: 2-credit, 4-credit, or 6-credit courses
  • SI
    Scientific Inquiry planning unit
  • SPBC
    Society, Politics, Behavior, and Change planning unit
  • TAC
    Programs and courses offered at Tacoma site
  • TRI
    Programs and courses offered at Tribal: Reservation-based/Community-determined Programs