EPR Assessment Workshop 2006 Participants | The Evergreen State College

EPR Assessment Workshop 2006 Participants

End-of-Program Review Assessment Workshop participants were:

  • Stephen Beck, Faculty (Evening and Weekend Studies)
  • Laura Coghlan, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Carolyn Commer, Evergreen Student
  • Lara Evans, Faculty (Expressive Arts)
  • Vauhn Foster-Grahler, Faculty Director of the Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning Center
  • Amy Greene, Academic Computing
  • Jeanne Hahn, Faculty (Society, Politics, Behavior and Change)
  • Kevin Francis, Faculty (Scientific Inquiry)
  • Ernestine Kimbro, Faculty Librarian (Culture, Text and Language)
  • Stephanie Kozick, Faculty (Culture, Text and Language)
  • Brooke McLane-Higginson, Evergreen Student and Student Research Analyst in Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Jenni Minner, Research Associate in Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Nancy Murray, Faculty (Scientific Inquiry)
  • Rita Pougiales, Dean of Faculty Hiring and Development and Faculty (Culture, Text, and Language)
  • Andrew Reece, Faculty (Culture, Text and Language)
  • Joli Sandoz, Faculty (Evening and Weekend Studies)
  • Sam Schrager, Faculty (Culture, Text and Language)
  • Matt Smith, Faculty (Culture, Text, and Language)
  • Sandy Yanonne, Faculty Director of the Writing Center