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Gallery of Former Employees

Professional Staff

Scott Sebring, Research Associate

Photo of Scott Sebring

Mya Starling, Research Associate

Photo of Mya Starling

Jenni Minner, Research Associate

Photo of Jenni Minner at the helm of a Nordic Tug


Many students have assisted the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment in performing assessments, entering data, writing reports, and all manner of tasks. These are just a few of the students who have moved on and for whom we still have photos. Thanks goes out to all students who have helped us. Your work will be eternally appreciated!

Shira Moch

Photo of Shira Moch

Dominik Collins

Photo of Dominik Collins

Kevin Ashcraft

Photo of Kevin Ashcraft
Monear Fatemi Photo of Monear Fatemi
Eliza Jessup Photo of Eliza Jessup at Tea Time Two Awards Ceremony
Thomas Koch Photo of Thomas Koch, relaxing in armchair.
Brooke McLane-Higginson Photo of Brooke McLane-Higginson at computer.
Cary Retlin Photo of Cary Retlin examining bird in Ornithology program.
Sean Riley Photo of Sean Riley.
Gregory Saunders Photo of Greg Saunders participating in a transcript review.