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Transfer Student Project: Sarah's Story

Sarah transferred to Evergreen in fall 2006. Prior to her coming to Evergreen she attended a community college through a running start program while in high school and spent a year studying in the Overseas Department at the University of Haifa. Sarah was excited to explore Evergreen’s eclectic studies, taking full advantage right away: “First quarter I took a political and cultural class, and then I took Forensics, and now I’m in a philosophy of art class.”

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The friendliness of students and faculty surprised Sarah. Outside of academics, she’s enjoyed “being able to walk down on campus and have people look at you and smile, as opposed to just staring at the ground.” Evergreen’s outgoingness transcends social interaction or any single aspect of college life, delving into the classroom and beyond. Describing the most valuable part of her experience about coming to Evergreen she said, “I’d say pure interaction, really. As I’ve been here, progressively throughout the year, learning from other people and other students has just gotten better and better. I am always amazed by what comes out of the mouths of my fellow students in seminar. I learn so much from seminar and from outside of class, just discussing things with people. I am learning person-to-person as opposed to person-to-book-to-person.”

Sarah recognizes that the age at which people attend college is usually an age of change. Originally, Sarah went to Haifa not only to study, but to get far away from home. A year later, having traveled and lived across an ocean, she is ready to return to her home in the northwest. “Coming back here, I think it’s a different level because I’m not that far away from where I grew as a child, and now I am growing as a young adult. It’s learning to balance being independent in college and responsibility. And I think that being at Evergreen is helpful and changed me in the way that independence is key and self-motivation is key. Finding a good balance is just coming with that.”

Originally planning to graduate from Evergreen in 2009, Sarah’s transfer credits were accepted, allowing her to finish in 2008.