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Transfer Student Project: Shawn's Story

Photo of Shawn outside of the Library building.

Shawn took classes at Grays Harbor College and graduated from Pierce College in Steilacoom, Washington with an Associate’s Degree. Now, at Evergreen, he is working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in photography, which he plans to achieve in spring 2008.

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At Grays Harbor College, he worked with English as a Second Language students. When they’d finish the ESL program, he’d encourage them to continue with their educations. The encouragement Shawn gave began to influence him, inculcating a desire to return to school himself. Commenting on what brought him to Evergreen, Shawn said, “I heard about the programs and the structure at Evergreen—my sister graduated from here. I wanted to come back to school, and Evergreen had what I am interested in.”

Back in the flow of academia, Shawn has found Evergreen’s style and philosophy of education valuable. The seminar system, integral to Evergreen’s curricula, has provided Shawn the opportunity to hear other points of view and receive critical feedback on his own. “It’s been a really good learning experience for me. The way the programs and classes are structured, I wasn’t sure how I would do because I came from a more rigid class structure, but so far it’s worked out really well for me.”

When the programs and classes didn’t provide Shawn with the specific tract of desired learning, he opted to create his own course of study through an independent contract. Another Evergreen staple, the independent contract provided Shawn with a direct path toward his educational goals. “I think I’ve become more focused… I’m only in my second quarter here—I wanted to get more of a background. But then things just worked out so that the independent contract was better for me, and it was really, really nice to have that option.”

Photo of Shawn in the Adaptive and Assistive Learning Lab in the Library