K12 Professional Development and Outreach

Math Workshops

Sunshine Campbell, Ph.D

Dr. Sunshine Campbell is a former middle school and high school mathematics teacher and currently holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction. She taught mathematics and computer programming for 8 years in public schools and internationally before going back to graduate school at the University of Washington. Her focus in graduate school was on teacher education, both new and continuing teacher education. She has worked with many public school teachers across the state in several capacities such as instructional coaching, facilitating lesson studies (Studio Lessons), and providing content-specific professional development and equity-pedagogy focused professional development. Her experience has spanned kindergarten through high school mathematics including AP Calculus and AP Statistics. Currently, Dr. Campbell teaches in the Master in Teaching program at The Evergreen State College.

Dr. Campbell will collaborate with your district or school in order to develop a professional development plan that meets the needs of the individual teachers. She has prior experience leading PD sessions using Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI), Algebraic Thinking (Driscoll), and Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI).

Krishna Chowdary, Ph.D

Mr. Krishna Chowdary is an experimental physicist who teaches math and physics at the Evergreen State College. Previously, he taught at Bucknell University in central Pennsylvania, where he worked with the Science in Motion initiative, offering high quality professional development and support to in-service teachers, especially on how to incorporate technology into teaching. He serves on the Evergreen Science Carnival Steering Committee, which provides the largest local opportunity to the South Sound community, including schools, to experience hands-on science and research presentations. He is the president of the Washington Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) for 2009 - 2010, and serves on the Committee on Minorities at AAPT's national level.

Professor Chowdary can offer workshops and in-service opportunities to math and science (physics, chemistry, physical science) teachers at the K12 level, especially on incorporating inquiry-based methods into various teaching styles and situations, connecting the Washington State Math and Science Standards to class-room practice, helping teachers develop, update or refresh pedagogical content knowledge, and incorporating computers and technology into math and science teaching.

He can help teachers develop integrated activities to be done during regular class time or lab time, both from low-tech to high-tech implementation, especially on video analysis of motion. He can help teachers learn how to navigate the latest findings in physics education research, math education research, and cognitive science research as applied to teaching and learning. He looks forward to the opportunity to work closely with K12 math and science teachers.

Paul R. McCreary, Ph.D

"I believe that everyone can develop skills in math and can actually have fun discovering the genius within themselves. Currently I am working with a group of college students to create 3D animations of protein interactions. I am also working with high school and middle school teachers in Tacoma to increase the diversity and success of students in science and math classes. I have found collaboration during class sessions an especially effective way for students to learn."

Paul McCreary earned a B.S. in Political Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MAT in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and an M.S. in Computational Math and Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He taught high school for 9 years in Illinois, college in Louisiana and Washington, and has helped practicing and pre-service teachers learn how to bring collaborative practices into their classrooms.