Art at the Longhouse


The Longhouse features an outstanding collection of international Indigenous arts:

The Thunderbird (by Greg Colfax (Makah) and Andy Peterson (Skokomish)), and the woven Cedar Screens (Hlukwali #1 and Hlukwali #2 (by Gerald “Bruce” Miller (Skokomish)) are all part of the Art in Public Places Program of the Washington State Arts Commission.

The carved Welcome Figures at the main entrance were created with funds donated by graduating classes of Evergreen students.

Some pieces were commissioned by the Longhouse and the Evergreen Foundationsuch as the North Wing mural, the glass doors, and the granite Spindle Whorl in the floor of the Welcome Hall.

Work throughout the building is largely the result of donations of art work to the Longhouse by artists, tribal leaders and other members of the Longhouse community.

The cast bronze spindle whorls that line the walkway to the Longhouse were the result of a public/private/tribal partnership through the Longhouse’s Artist-in-Residence program.

carved figure at Longhouse entrance  
(Left image: One of the Welcome Figures located at the main entrance); (Right image: Hlukwali #2, located in the Cedar Room)