Longhouse Advisory Board

An Indigenous advisory board comprised of practicing Native artists and scholars who help to provide some of the creative direction of the Longhouse.


  • Mario A. Caro, PhD 

Associate Director of the American Indian Program, Cornell University

  • Lara Evans (Cherokee), PhD 

Associate Professor of Native American Art and Department Chair of Museum Studies, Institute of American Indian Arts

  • Trudy Marcellay (Chehalis) 

Chehalis Tribal Representative 

  • Alex McCarty (Makah) 

Visual Arts Faculty, The Evergreen State College

  • Larry McNeil (Tlingit/Nisga'a) 

Professor of Photography, Boise State University

  • Miles Miller (Yakama) 

Independent Curator of Contemporary Native American Art

  • Yvonne Peterson (Chehalis) 

Social Sciences and Cultural Studies Faculty, The Evergreen State College

  • Jennifer Scott (Quinault) 

Human Resources at Quinault Indian Nation

  • Gail Tremblay (Micmac/Onondaga) 

Visual Arts and Cultural Studies Faculty, The Evergreen State College

  • Shirod Younker (Coquille) 

Art Program Manager of Journeys in Creativity, Oregon College of Art and Craft