Fall 2007


  • Weaving

    Weaving a Sustainable Pattern

    Evergreen’s focus on sustainability combines social justice and the environment

  • Creating Sustainable Connections

    From the Evergreen campus to the fragile Galapagos Islands, John Pumilio is connecting people with the natural world.

  • Indigenous Nations Include Climate Change in Historic Treaty

    The lifespan of Native Americans has decreased significantly with the unavailability of traditional foods, making indigenous peoples the miner’s canary of climate change.

  • A Virtual Classroom at
    the Arctic’s Edge

    One teacher’s passion brings climate change research home to middle school students.

  • Garden Raised Bounty a Hotbed
    of Greener Activity

    Garden Raised Bounty (GRuB) runs two basic programs, Cultivating Youth and the Kitchen Garden Project. Cultivating Youth works with at-risk teens to develop their leadership skills, and model positive and supportive relationships in their lives.

  • Toxic Trail Leads Faculty to Jobs,
    Health and Justice Project

    The old smelter and towering smokestack in Ruston are gone. They have been replaced with piles of fill dirt destined to become an upscale housing development overlooking Tacoma’s Commencement Bay.

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