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Green Appétit

Food has been a part of Evergreen’s educational banquet from day one, when faculty member Bob Sluss assigned Georg Borgstrom’s book, The Hungry Planet, to his political ecology students. Today, our students can study it in all its glory, from its microscopic makeup and the way it’s produced, distributed and prepared to why it’s nourishing and how it defines us. And for a number of Evergreen alumni, helping people enjoy good, healthy, sustainable and delicious food is their calling and life’s work.

Whether you’re an omnivore, a locavore, a vegan, a gourmand or any other kind of eater, we hope you enjoy this taste of how Evergreen’s creative individuals are using food to sustain themselves and their communities.

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Feature Articles

Illustration of Radishes

What's for Dinner?

In print and online, Stacy Fraser ’96 and Leslie Hatfield ’04 help us make food that’s healthy and delicious.


Illustration of Eggplant

In Love with Food

Evergreen students are passionate about solving the global challenges of feeding the world.
Green Appétit text graphic

Setting a Greener Table

From baking pies to organizing food carts, and even running a cooking school in sunny southern Italy, these Greeners have made their life’s work helping people enjoy amazing food.


Illustration of open sign and food cart

The Patron of Curbside Cuisine

Roger Goldingay ’73
Portland’s food-pod pioneer


Illustration of Spices

Whimsy & Spice

Mark Sopchak ’94 and Jenna Park ’94
Spicy sweet confections that are more than your average cookie


Illustration of Honey Bees

Catching the Buzz

Benjamin and Emily (Plott) Pixie ’05
Sweet energy feeding the community


Illustration of Pie

Living the Pie Life

Beth Howard ’83
On a mission to make the world better through pie
Illustration of forks and spoons

Serving up Dreams

Cheryl Sesnon ’88
Food at the heart of nurturing communities


Illustration of food cart

Stirring Up a Food Revolution

Donna (Goodman) Maltz ’81
Serving the people of Alaska


Illustration of wine bottle and glass

Cooking with Silvestro

Silvestro Silvestori ’99
The Awaiting Table cooking school in southern Italy


Illustration of ice cream cones

How Sweet It Is!

Ann Magyar ’98 and Ben Scholtz ’92
Ice cream purveyors make life sweet for their communities

Alumni News & Notes

Greener Takes Home the Gold

Audrey Marrs ’96 wins an Oscar for her documentary “Inside Job.”


Fulbright Funds Study in Finland

MiT Grad Sarah Applegate ’92, MiT ’95 recognized with a Fulbright Award in Teaching grant.


Listen to Their Music

Check out the Evergreen Student Music Project 2011, available for download.

A Towering Success

Director Byron Howard ’90 brings Disney’s 50th animated feature “Tangled” to the big screen.


Congratulations…It’s a Slug!

When Bill Leonard ’87 and Casey Richart ’00 discovered a new slug species, they honored faculty member Steve Herman by naming it after him.