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Cover of Fall 2012 Magazine

Hearing cool things about Evergreen? Great!

The goal of the publications team is to let prospective students, alumni and our community know about the positive impact Greeners make. We design and produce the Evergreen Magazine, admissions & student recruitment materials, the printed academic catalog, and a broad range of other publications for special events, fundraising and more.

We will work with you to plan a strategy to reach your target and assure your money is used effectively. We’ll help you plan your campaign, design your materials, determine your budget, set up mailing – anything and everything you need to get your message out.

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Members of the Evergreen Publications Team


Judy Nunez-Pinedo, Graphic Designer Senior
Alyssa Parker, Graphic Designer
Carolyn Shea, Writer/Editor

Student Team Member

Jacqueline Argueta, Design Assistant