Our Faculty

Our core faculty are dedicated to teaching Environmental Studies at the master's level. Our adjunct faculty are working professionals in the field. Together, they give you individual attention with a balance of theory and practice.

The core faculty listed below are those who you'll come to know over the course of your studies. They teach full-time in MES. All of them are available to any MES student for advising and project work. Eventually, one of them will become your thesis advisor. You do not need to find your own faculty advisor before you start.

Our adjunct faculty often also serve as ad-hoc advisors, although they may vary from year to year. Because they come from the professional world, they provide great advice for you and your future career.

Core Faculty
Photo Name Phone Location
Photo of Francis, Kevin

Kevin Francis

Expertise: history of science and technology

(360) 867-5831 francisk Lab I 3018
Photo of Martin, Erin

Erin Martin

Expertise: chemical oceanography, biogeochemistry, freshwater ecology

(360) 867-5264 martine Lab I 3008
Photo of Mellis, Miranda

Miranda Mellis

Expertise: fiction, nonfiction, and contemporary literature

(360) 867-6716 mellism Sem II D-4112
Photo of Saul, Kathleen

Kathleen Saul

Expertise: energy resources, sustainable/renewable energy, energy policy, nuclear power industry, social implications of technology choices, political ecology

(360) 867-6511 saulk Lab I 2026
Photo of Whitesell, Ted

Ted Whitesell

Expertise: geography, environmental studies

(360) 867-6768 whiteset Lab I 3017
Photo of Withey, John

John Withey

Expertise: environmental studies

(360) 867-6675 witheyj Lab I 2013
Adjunct Faculty
Photo Name Phone Location
Photo of Bigley, Richard

Richard Bigley

Expertise: forest ecology, sustainable forestry

(360) 867-6600 bigleyr
Photo of Flores, Lola

Lola Flores

Expertise: ecological economics, policy implementation

Photo of Hamman, Sarah

Sarah Hamman

Expertise: fire ecology, soil biogeochemistry and microbial ecology, restoration ecology

(360) 867-6600 hammans
Photo of MacGregor, Jean

Jean MacGregor

Expertise: environmental education

(360) 867-6608 macgjean Sem II E-3129
Photo of Morgan, Scott

Scott Morgan

Expertise: sustainability, organizational systems

(360) 867-6913 morgans Sem II E-2135
Photo of Quinn, Timothy

Timothy Quinn

(360) 867-6600 quinnt
Photo of Ruth, Mike

Mike Ruth

Expertise: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), field deployment, workflow analysis

(360) 867-6600 ruthm
Photo of Trivett, Joslyn

Joslyn Trivett

Expertise: adult education, human development, restoration ecology

(360) 867-6735 trivettj Sem II E-2119