Master of Environmental Studies

Faculty and Staff, Graduate Program on the Environment

Seminar II Building

2014-2015 Director

Kevin Francis

2014-2015 Staff

Gail Wootan - Assistant Director
Anna Rhoads - Student Assistant
Rhianna Hruska - Communications Assistant

2014-2015 Faculty

Core Faculty

Peter Dorman, economics, political economy, statistics
Kevin Francis, history of science and technology
Erin Martin, chemical oceanography, biogeochemistry, freshwater ecology
Dina Roberts, conservation biology, wildlife management
Kathleen Saul, energy policy
Shangrila Wynn, climate justice, climate policy/politics, political ecology, environment and development

Adjunct Faculty

Richard Bigley, Washington Department of Natural Resources
Lola Flores, Research Analyst, Earth Economics
Sarah Hamman, South Puget Sound Prairies Program, Center for Natural Lands Management
Scott Morgan, Director of Sustainability, The Evergreen State College
Paul Pickett, Washington Department of Ecology
Tim Quinn, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
Mike Ruth, Consultant/Program Manager, Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc

Please also check our research page for a list of faculty-led research.