Our Students & Alumni

The best environmental solutions come from a wide variety of perspectives. MES students have a range of academic and life experiences, and alumni go on to many different careers.

Our graduates go on to many different environmental careers and studies:

  • Develop and run non-profit organizations
  • Work for national, state, local, and tribal governments
  • Resource management, research, and policy development
  • Environmental education and outreach

Many also continue further study, earning Ph.D.s or additional professional degrees.

Get to know some of our MES students and alumni and hear about their successes and experiences in their own words.

MES Alumni

Christine Svetkovich

Christine Svetkovitch, 2000

Completing MES started Christine on a journey that led from environmental education and community development in the Russian Far East all the way back to the Pacific Northwest. Now she works for the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, focusing on policy and implementation. Read about Christine’s experiences and advice.

Brian Footen

Brian Footen, 2001

Brian’s company Flying FishViews has demonstrated a dramatic new approach to storytelling and environmental study that takes people on a journey of exploration and discovery above and below the water. Read more about Brian and Flying FishViews in The Evergreen Magazine.

Rhianna Hruska

Rhianna Hruska, 2016

I currently work at Evergreen as the Administrative Assistant to the Marketing and Communications division.  I am also President of the Washington Student Association and Evergreen’s Student Trustee.  I am enrolled in the Master of Public Administration program at Evergreen and will be pursuing a career in environmental policy.

See how the MES program helped Rhianna grow.


Natalie Sahli, 2016

My experience in the MES program was memorable far beyond the intellectual achievements it supported. The people in the program truly allowed for a positive experience. The faculty included many of the best instructors and most progressive thinkers I have encountered in my academic career.  

Read Natalies highlights of the MES Program.


Current MES Students

Paige Anderson

Paige Anderson—Bellingham, Washington

I want to find a way to intersect all of my interests into a lifelong passion that I can gain inspiration from every day. GIS, environmental policy, bioregional ecology and identity, and natural resource management fascinate me. Read the rest of Paige’s story.

Portrait of Tushaun Vang

Tushaun Vang—Fresno, California

I hail from Fresno, California where triple digit summers are custom. My environmental interests are sprawled across ethnoecology, fisheries, and GIS. Outside of academia, I dabble in longboards, videogames, and multimedia. Read the rest of Tushaun’s story.

Portrait of Esmael Lopez

Esmael Lopez

I’m Esmael Xiutecpatl Lopez, Capitan of the Aztec dance group CeAtl Tonalli and I’m beginning Evergreen State College’s MES program to learn different techniques and perspectives to find a way to bring sustainability to people everywhere. Read the rest of Esmael’s story.