Master of Environmental Studies

Graduate Program on the Environment Student Assistant

Hello All!  My name is Jennifer Runyan, and I am the Student Assistant for the Master of Environmental Studies.

A little about me and my background: I recently moved from Southern California to the greater Seattle area. I received my B.S. in Marine Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz about five years ago. During those five years of being out of school, I worked as an experiential environmental educator teaching students of all ages (including seniors) about marine biology and California natural history.  I came to love the Pacific Northwest by taking several courses at Friday Harbor Laboratories on San Juan Island, WA. Studying at Friday Harbor Laboratories, I met many great people and learned about Evergreen’s Masters of Environmental Studies program, which I knew, was perfect for me.

I have developed many interests from these experiences and cannot wait to see where my work in the MES program will lead me. If anyone ever wants a student’s perspective on MES let me know!