Master of Environmental Studies

Student Profile

Rudi Acevedo, Class of 2015, General Environmental Studies

Where are you from?Image of MES student, Rudi Acevedo
Recently Texas, originally California, between the two, all over the U.S.

What drew you to the MES degree at Evergreen?
It’s a program after all of my childhood lessons. Approach things from multiple avenues, get what value you can from each and in all things balance. Let nature be your classroom.

What do you hope to gain from the program?
What most students want, a real career with meaning.

What was your previous education and work experience prior to entering MES?
Although I have not held any prestigious work positions, I am proud to have had those jobs to support my schooling. I graduated Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Psychology.

What are your areas of interest in MES?
As of yet? Still to be determined. Which is wonderful in its own way as I can pursue whatever grabs me.

What activities do you enjoy outside of school and work?
Between classes, studying and soon work? Hiking, reading, movies and games soak up the moments of time in between my main priorities. Though I am particularly fond of watching programs and reading books about other countries, cultures and their storied histories.

What is your “dream occupation”? What do you see yourself doing after earning your MES degree?
I imagine myself to have a career with some modicum or form of fieldwork and to have a real, visceral positive effect on the community. And to make a difference in the world.

Who has been an inspirational individual in your life?
My Mama, for always inspiring me, teaching me the importance of education and encouraging me to think outside of the box. Her phrase has always been “education is delicious”.

And anything super interesting you think prospective and currents students should know about you!
I am half German, half Mexican, though I only speak German.