Master of Environmental Studies

Student Profile

Richard Stein, MES 2012, Energy Sustainability & Urban Environmentalism

Richard Stein Image
Where are you from?

I was born in Findlay, Ohio (near Toledo), but have lived in New York City for 13 plus years before moving to Seattle, which is my new home.

What drew you to the MES program at The Evergreen State College?
Evergreen´s combination of interdisciplinary and non-traditional approach to learning are very interesting to me. The students are of various walks of life and are all intelligent, engaged and approachable. The campus itself, situated on 1,000 acres of lush forest and close to the Sound, make it a relaxing and intimate institution for learning about the environment.

What is your previous education and work experience prior to entering the MES Program?
Previous to moving to Seattle and beginning the MES Program, I was an editor for many years at a reference publishing company in New York. Also, I was involved in a non-profit organization near the United Nations called The World Energy Forum, which is dedicated to bringing energy to people with little or no access. I hold a B.A. in English from Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan. I also have a certificate for learning German in a language school in Berlin, Germany.

What are you areas of interest in the MES program?
I am interested in sustainability energy and urban environmentalism. Since living in New York City, I have seen the good and bad of an urban environment--for instance the benefits of a mass transit system but the negative effects of car emissions in such a condensed area. I hope to study these issues on an international scale. But, I am also interested in learning about the environment in general--everything from the smallest microbes to the most complex ecosystems.

What activities do you enjoy outside of school and work?
As a recent resident of the Pacific Northwest, I love the nature here and look forward to hiking, kayaking, mountain-climbing and all that this beautiful area has to offer. But I also like to keep up with my urban background by exploring the Seattle metro area.

I also enjoy spending time with Sandra, my girlfriend who accompanied me to this side of the continent.

What is your “dream occupation”? What do you see yourself doing after the MES program?
My dream job would be on a global scale. As the world is shrinking, I have always been interested in the world at large. I would like to do something in communications. It would be a job which also benefits others.

Who has been an inspirational individual in your life?
There is more than one individual who has inspired me. My family, of course, is always encouraging and supportive. My girlfriend, Sandra, is right beside me at all times, and was the inspiration for us moving to the PNW. I also have much inspiration from my very good and special friend, Jerry Tannenbaum, who has supported and helped me over many years.