Master of Environmental Studies Staff

Kevin Francis, Director
Member of the faculty Kevin Francis serves as the program’s director.

Andrea Martin, Assistant Director
Provides assistance and direction for prospective and current MES students. Contact Andrea for help with the admissions process, internships, registration, and much more.

Phone: (360) 867-6225

Email: Andrea Martin

Student Employees

Averi Azar, Program Assistant     

A resource for current and prospective MES students for information regarding jobs, internships, events and overall program inquiries.

Phone: (360) 867-5940    Email: Averi Azar

Arielle Simmons, Communications Assistant

Works with students, faculty, alumni, and prospective students to promote events, research, and activities within the program.

Email: Arielle Simmons 

Student Ambassadors

These current students are available to talk to you about their experiences in MES or to show you around campus. They attend info sessions, represent MES at local events, and meet with prospective students individually. Contact an ambassador if you have questions about the MES student experience.


When I began to realize I was ready for a change in career (after 25 years in nursing), I found myself deeply drawn to natural places--forests, mountains, areas that were more isolated and remote.  Since being in the PNW, we’ve loved and spent a lot of time in Mt. Rainier, and I was always intrigued by the rangers’ job. I’d say I’ve been an environmental activist since I was a kid, and so with the urgency of climate change upon us, I decided that’s what I need to be doing now. Read the rest of Yonit's journey.


It has been a long journey that has led me to the MES program  I started out in South Dakota, spending my childhood rollicking in small town adventures--playing baseball and the baritone, exploring gravel roads, sometimes traveling to the Twin Cities for big city fun. After my freshman year of college, I worked as a political canvasser. Read the rest of Trace's story.